Sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea and Hypoapnea Syndrome (SAHS) is a very common pathology and according to the latest studies it affects more than 25% of the population.

What does
sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea is a respiratory disorder characterized by the temporary interruption of breathing in sleep for more than 10 seconds. The terms SAHS or OSAS are often used to refer to this type of pathology.

  • If it is a respiratory reduction, we are referring to hypopnea 
  • If it is respiratory detention, it’s called apnea.

These breathing pauses of more than 10 seconds, can be repeated 5 to 30 times per hour. In cases where there are more than 30 repetitions per hour, it is considered severe apnea.

Sleep Apnea and Hypoapnea Syndrome (SAHS) is a very common pathology and according to the latest studies it affects more than 25% of the population.


During the night

Some of the most common symptoms during the night are loud or frequent snoring, silent pauses in breathing, choking or gasping sounds, abnormal motor activity, sleep interruption, nocturia (waking during the night to go to the bathroom), gastroesophageal refluxes, sweating, convulsions, and insomnia.


During the day & other problems

Fatigue, bad mood, impatience and irritability, memory deficit, intellectual impairment, concentration difficulties, somnolence, headache, impotency, decreased libido, mouth dryness, voice alterations.

Other problems that may occur: depression, hyperactive behaviour (especially in children), arterial hypertension, leg swelling, coronary heart disease, chronic diurnal hypoventilation.

Risk factors

One of the major risk factors for sleep apnea is excess body weight. People are much more likely to develop sleep apnea if they are overweight or obese. However, sleep apnea can occur in people without weight problems as well.

Other common risk factors for sleep apnea include: Having a short underjaw, having certain palate or respiratory path shapes, a big neck and/or tongue, big amygdala or frequent face-up sleeping. 

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What is Airmony?

Improving your quality of life!

A different, revolutionary CPAP

Airmony is a tubeless CPAP, portable, small, light, quiet and autonomous, improving the treatment adherence, allowing distance control of the device and the patient’s status, and provided with multi-sensors.

Airmony is compatible with a special App called AirSleepMonitor, which is a night sleep eHealth manager, that helps to improve and evaluate OSA.

The mobile application (IOS/Android) allows the control of Airmony’s functioning through bluetooth, capturing physiological parameters of the user that are sent to the cloud for its analysis and check-up by the specialised doctor.

The eHealth manager supposes an advance that provides multiple functions such as cardiac rhythm, oxygenation degree, alarm for when the mask is not placed properly, etc.

Advantages of using Airmony

Acoustic comfort

The device offers physical and sound comfort for the user and the person with whom they share a bed thanks to the low noise level. : ≤ 25 dBA


The device can be operated via bluetooth, making it a modern, state-of-the-art CPAP.


Low consumption = long autonomy (8 hours for each battery pack) allowing freedom for the user.


Seven operating modes: normal, at rest, recording, pressure ramp, teaching, adaptive, active pulsometer.


Super Portable

The absence of a tube and its small dimensions make it super portable. No need to check in at the airport.


Airmony allows the user continuous monitoring of multiple sleep parameters that can be transferred via a USB port or Bluetooth.


Optional batteries give you freedom in front of a limited current supply. It can be charged with a USB, a USB solar panel, plug it into the car’s lighter, etc.


It allows remote monitoring and it alerts you if something is wrong.

Air Filter

Airmony’s air filter is made of polyester, it’s easy to remove, and very easy to clean.

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