About us

Who we are and what we do

“Our Value Proposition is to improve the health sector through biotechnology”

Our mission is to offer customized medical devices contributing to the improvement of the health and quality of life of the population in a sustainable way.

We are currently focusing our efforts on meeting the needs of the population suffering from Sleep Apneas-Hypopneas Syndrome with Airmony, and increasing the survival rate in case of drowning or cardiac arrest with the AIRESS CPR.

In the long term, our vision is focused on accelerating the development of biotechnology and bioengineering projects to bring their progress closer to society and, in turn, ensure the economic performance of our investors.

Our Values

Our mission is to offer customized medical devices contributing to the improvement of the health and quality of life of the population in a sustainable way.

Meet the Team

Jaume Palou,
Company CEO

Mr. Jaume Palou is our general director. He is an electronic engineer with a Master in project management, responsible for company management and inventor of Airmony, the world’s smallest CPAP. As a professional background, he has more than 25 years of experience designing, developing, and managing high-volume production devices and consumer electronics. During the same period, he managed prototypes for research laboratories in the biotechnology sector, some of these products include photobioreactors for microalgae, extensometers, tissue extensometers, STM cells, bitonal transilluminators, mass spectrometers, etc.

Jordi Roca,
Marketing and Sales Director

Jordi Roca is our director of marketing and sales. He is a business administration and management graduate and the responsible for management in the area of sales and marketing of the company. Over the last 15 years, he has participated as director of operations in the Electrical Metrology Laboratory (Trescal), commercial director of liquefied gases Air Liquide and at the level of areas related to health care, participated as head of the Food Market & Pharma for 5 years.

Francesc Martínez,
Administrative Advisor

Francesc Martínez is our administrative advisor. He collaborates in the management of accounting, purchasing, secretary and human resources. He has 10 years of experience as a lawyer for international firms dealing with intellectual property issues and technology transfer cases. Add to that 15 years in the product development and project implementation sector. President of Inventia Technology SL and president of the board of directors of two important industrial suppliers: QF + and FERGRUP in Spain. He also has extensive experience in the administrative management of the Boluda Industrial firm.

Miquel Sisteré,
Medical advisor

Dr. Miquel Sisteré is our medical advisor and he carries out the advice of the clinical-medical parts of the project. He is a doctor in Medicine and Surgery, specialist in psychiatry and  coordinator of the ADHD unit at the Sant Joan de Déu Terres Hospital in Lleida, Spain. Over the last few years, he has acted as an advisor to the government of the autonomous community for the edition of the ADHD therapeutic guide, in addition to participating in the development of research in biomedical engineering with several centers in the country.

The crew

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